Giving Tuesday with HomeField Alliance
28 November, 2023

Giving Tuesday with HomeField Alliance

/ 8 months ago

HomeField Alliance launched just over five years ago with the goal of setting out to provide a network for LGBTQ+ professionals working in the industries of sports and entertainment across the United States and Canada. We charged our members a small annual fee to participate in the network and connect with like-minded individuals and our allies who were focused on inclusion within our industry and ensuring that our community had the resources, support, and connections needed to thrive in the incredible world in which we work. Since then, we have grown to include members from across all major sports and areas of the industry with countless members finding mentors, new jobs, or even just a sense of safety in the industry that HomeField has been lucky enough to be able to play a role in the process of becoming a reality.

It was because of these success stories that our focus shifted from providing a network to instead playing an active role in serving as the catalyst for professional connections made between LGBTQ+ professionals working in the industry of sports and entertainment – a statement that has since become the mission of our organization and serves as the grounding center point for every decision we make. In the process, we saw it important that members could participate in the HomeField Alliance mission, with as few barriers as possible, which ultimately meant moving to a no-cost membership model that allowed us to build and grow our network. This became especially important during the pandemic as we saw many of our peers experience layoffs and temporary furloughs that became permanent, but we also saw the benefit that it meant we could welcome anyone in to participate at the level and engagement they were comfortable with, removed from the decision of a financial commitment.

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While we are proud to operate on a tight, shoestring budget that allows us to focus on providing connections and a network to our members, we do still run on a budget that we have been lucky to see supported by our Board of Directors, our allies, and other employers from our organization over recent years. While HomeField is in a sound financial position, it is imperative that we be able to make more strategic investments and expand the services that we provide to our members, some of which can unfortunately only be done with additional funding and resources that are ever so important to a non-profit like ours.

As such, and on behalf of our Board of Directors, we are humbly asking you to consider including HomeField Alliance in your Giving Tuesday plans for 2023 to ensure that we are able to provide a growing and improved set of resources to our members for years to come for those of us who work in this amazing industry that has brought so much of us joy. Should you be able to include HomeField in your giving plans for this year, you can donate on our website at or through the link at the button above. All your donations to HomeField Alliance are deductible as a 501(c)3 organization.

Happy Giving,

Jake Lenz
President + Co-Founder, HomeField Alliance


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