Member Spotlight: Theo Rabinowitz
28 February, 2024

Member Spotlight: Theo Rabinowitz

/ 4 months ago

Theo is a freelance television operations and talent services professional working mostly with CBS Sports. This is his 20th season with CBS, and he just worked his seventh Super Bowl. Theo also assists CBS Sports with their LGBTQ+ initiatives and content. Theo can be reached at


  • Favorite Sport to Play – Basketball
  • Favorite Sport to Watch – Basketball
  • Favorite Sports Team – St John’s Men’s Basketball
  • Favorite Sports Moment – Working my first Super Bowl in Miami in 2007.
  • Favorite Venue You’ve Been To – Phog Allen Fieldhouse
  • Favorite Musician/Artist – OAR
  • Favorite Concert You’ve Attended – OAR at Red Rocks
  • Best Advice You’ve Ever Received – “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”
  • Advice You Would Give To Your Younger Self – Authenticity will be your greatest asset
  • Athlete to Have Dinner With – Bill Walton

Either Or

  • Coffee or Tea – Tea
  • Mornings or Nights – Nights
  • Cats or Dogs – Dogs
  • Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? – Spring
  • Salty or Sweet – Sweet


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