HFA Q&A – Michael Fiur
20 December, 2018

HFA Q&A – Michael Fiur

/ 6 years ago

HomeField Alliance’s ongoing content feature lets members and others get to know LGBTQ professionals in sports and entertainment. If you would like to participate, or have a suggestion for someone we should interview, please let us know at

Next up is HomeField’s newest member, Michael Fiur. Best known as Executive Producer of Entertainment for the US Open of tennis, as well as his long association with the NFL overseeing Super Bowl trophy presentations and halftime shows, Michael is a world-renowned producer of large-scale live event spectaculars, television specials, theatrical productions and corporate events.

1) What would you like HFA members to know about you that they couldn’t learn from your LinkedIn profile?

I strive for perfection in every detail of every aspect of every project.

2) What is the best aspect of your current role?

Working with amazing teams of people–no project succeeds because of one person alone.

3) What is the biggest challenge you face in that role?

Trying to keep everyone happy–clients, people on my team, vendors, and myself.

4) What impact, if any, has your LGBTQ status had on your career, either positive or negative?

I find it most empowering when I can be myself around clients, colleagues, vendors. I have never hidden my sexuality and enjoy working most with those who are most comfortable with me and who I am.

5) What is one thing the sports & entertainment industry can do to be more welcoming to LGBTQ employees?

There are still so few out athletes, and so few out people in the sports/sports entertainment industry–the industry needs more openly gay leaders and role models.

6) What advice would you give to LGBTQ sports & entertainment professionals who are early in their careers?

Be yourself. Your sexuality should have nothing to do with your profession. Be the best version of yourself–who happens to be gay.

7) Who do you look up to? (It doesn’t have to be someone you know.)

Billie Jean King, Arthur Ashe.

8) What is the best piece of career advice you ever received?

F–k ‘em if they can’t take a joke.

9) What is your favorite thing to do to decompress away from work?

Catch up on TV and movies.

10) What are you currently reading?

The President is Missing, James Patterson and Bill Clinton


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