Member Spotlight: Zeke Goldsmith
27 September, 2023

Member Spotlight: Zeke Goldsmith

/ 9 months ago

We are excited to bring back HomeField’s member spotlight to highlight the incredible people who are part of our organization. First up is Zeke Goldsmith (he/him), a graduate of Drexel University and currently a recruiter for executive-level roles in sports. Now living in Philadelphia with his boyfriend and cat, Zeke previously worked with the Philadelphia Eagles and University of Pennsylvania.

Get to know Zeke below and reach out to him to connect when you get the chance!

If you would like to be a part of HomeField’s Member Spotlight, reach out to us as!



  • Favorite Sport to Play – Football
  • Favorite Sport to Watch – Football
  • Favorite Sports Team – New England Patriots
  • Favorite Sports Moment – Malcolm Butler interception, Super Bowl XLIX
  • Favorite Venue You’ve Been To – Rose Bowl, Pasadena CA
  • Favorite Musician/Artist – Kim Petras
  • Favorite Concert You’ve Attended – Grandson
  • Hobby you have – Rowing
  • Last Movie You Saw – The Barbie Movie
  • Best Advice You’ve Ever Received – Your self-worth isn’t dependent on career success.
  • Advice You Would Give to Your Younger Self – It gets better.
  • Athlete to Have Dinner With – Matthew Slater


Either Or

  • Coffee or Tea – Coffee (mandatory iced)
  • Mornings or Nights – Nights
  • Cats or Dogs – Cats (shoutout Howl)
  • Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? – Fall
  • Salty or Sweet – Salty








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